Cleopatra LED Mask User Manual


STEP 1: Charge your Cleopatra LED Mask fully by using the provided USB cable. Once fully 

charged as indicated by a green circular light, you may unplug the mask. (Do not attempt to use while plugged in) 

STEP 2: Insert provided eye protection in the eye slots.

STEP 3: Cleanse your face and remove any makeup.

STEP 4: Flip the “ON” switch located at the top of the mask. 

STEP 5: Power on the mask by tapping the middle of the forehead with your palm. 

STEP 6: Select desired color by tapping above the right eye (if looking at the mask)

STEP 7: Select desired power level by tapping above the left eye (if looking at the mask)

STEP 8: Set adjustable strap to fit your face. (Easiest to do when off your face and to test from there) 

STEP 9: Enjoy for 15 minutes/day 

STEP 10: Power off device by tapping the middle of the forehead again. Then flip the OFF switch at the top of the mask


Cleopatra LED Mask Settings

Note: It is always easiest to change settings with the palm of your hand instead of your finger tips. 

Your mask comes with 7 different colors and 4 different power levels. 

Additionally you may also select the 8th color option which cycles through all colors. 

Studies have shown these colors may assist with: 

Red – Anti-aging, fine lines, wrinkles, collagen and elastin production.

Green – Anti-inflammation, hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, and oily skin.

Blue – Anti-acne and psoriasis. 

Purple – Combination of red and blue light. 

Yellow – Balancing of skin texture, redness, and rosacea. 

Cyan – Reduces swollen capillaries and inflammation. 

White – Anti-inflammation, boosts skin metabolism and tightening/firming. 



DO NOT use if you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding.

DO NOT use if you suffer from lupus erythematosus, photosensitive eczema or albinism.

DO NOT use if you suffer from any photosensitive disorder (sensitization to light).

DO NOT use if you are taking any medication that can cause photosensitivity.

DO NOT use if you suffer from light induced headaches. 

DO NOT use if you suffer from any genetic conditions of the eye. 


  1. Use the mask only after thoroughly reading directions in this manual. 
  2. Keep eye protection on. 
  3. If any redness, itching, discomfort, etc. occurs during or after use, discontinue use immediately.
  4. Do not attempt to use while the usb cable is plugged in. 
  5. Do not use more than 15min/day 


  1. Keep away from direct light, high temperatures, and excessive moisture.
  2. To clean your mask you can use a makeup removal wipe or similar product that is meant for facial cleansing. 
  3. Store the mask in the provided soft shell case when not in use. 
  4. Keep away from children.

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